Miracles are Real

Miracles are Real

The testimony in this video may seem extraordinary, but it shouldn’t be. The truth is that this type of thing should and could be ordinary if we as Christians walked out the life and destiny we are all called to. Miracles, signs, and wonders are increasing around the world. Despite the reports from countless mainstream media and social media Prophets of Doom and their endless bleating, light really is overtaking the darkness on a global scale. If we all truly believed and understood what and who we as believers carry inside of us, hospitals wouldn’t even need to exist. Yes, the miraculous should be the norm.

The testimony seen here is the type of fruit that comes from spending time alone with God in the prayer closet, and getting into the Word while letting the Holy Spirit bring us revelations. It won’t come from clinging to doctrines and interpretations that have been written by groups of men who have sought to control hearts and minds over the centuries.

Thankfully, there are also growing testimonies of churches that have been filled with the religious spirit more than the Holy Spirit getting completely blasted by God and coming awake. His Glory is building up like a great wind, even now beginning to sweep across the land as it reaches the hearts and minds of all people in all nations.

It’s time for the Spirit-filled evangelists to rise up and hit the streets like we never have before. It’s time to step out in faith and take risks for His Kingdom. It’s time for total surrender to God. A type of surrender that will bring about a heart posture that ushers in miracle after miracle. It is my prayer and my declaration that my fellow evangelists in the Green Bay region will soon be bringing more amazing God encounters to people than we can even count. Hearts transformed. Minds renewed. Lives forever changed. It is time for those of us in front line ministry to unite under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Watch, and believe, for I can assure you – it is all absolutely real.

Until next time, take care and God Bless.

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