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Scott Douglas Heinrich

I am on a journey and a mission, an I invite you to come along with me on this blog site. I have 20 years of experience in graphic design and video production. During that time, I have had the opportunity to do work for national and regional television (including one of the wackiest, and best, horror host shows you have ever seen,) an NFL team, a feature film, countless commercials and many corporate training and trade show projects for Fortune 500 companies. I had some fun experiences along the way and some extremely high stress ones as well, winning the occasional award along the way. I even got to be in front of the video camera from time to time. The thing is, I’ve always been looking for something more in life – I truly want to live a life of meaning, and do something that achieves more than just lining someone else’s pockets by churning out endless corporate television commercials.

I have been honing these skills professionally for the last two decades, and I receive great satisfaction from helping others solve their communications challenges. I am also a firm believer in leadership training and personal development, and am highly involved and dedicated to becoming a better servant leader – I love to teach the leadership principles I learn to others that are hungry to learn as well.

There’s one other thing, but it’s the most important thing of all. I am a Christian, and my faith forms the core of everything I do in this life. I was born and raised in what many would consider a very conservative mainline denomination, but these days I simply call myself a Christian. I have an amazing church family at Elevation Church Wisconsin, and I’m truly honored to be a member there. For those that insist on labels, you could probably call us “charismatic.” I fully embrace The Holy Spirit and all that entails for one’s life. You’ll probably see me write about that more and more on this site as time goes on. I don’t owe people a debate or an argument about God, I owe them encounters with God that let them see how much He loves them. Thanks for joining me on this journey!


Scott Douglas Heinrich

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