Practice Safe Research

Practice Safe Research


Remember kids – *anybody* can write *anything* on this here interwebs thingy. Please practice safe surfing and be sure to apply critical thinking towards everything you read.

So much of what passes for “research done on the internet” by people nowadays is really little more than searching for the first lame anonymous blog posting or discussion forum comment that cannot be backed up or verified in any way. Many “researchers” simply look for the first one or two items that merely serve to validate their already held prejudicial beliefs. Sadly, even journalists are getting extremely lazy these days – the ball has been dropped countless times on major news stories.

Speaking as someone who’s actually paid by my employer to do deep research and analysis, it truly saddens me to see what passes for accepted research in modern society today. While many people would like to say that the internet is making us all smarter, I would counter that it has really fostered some atrociously bad research habits. I’ll always take the evaluation of personal real life experience as a guide over a post from somebody “who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a gal who supposedly saw or heard something.”

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To put it bluntly and straight to the point, pretty much everybody with a computer and an internet connection believes themselves to be a “researcher,” but just entering a few words into a search engine, looking at the first few pages of results and hastily drawing conclusions based on the materials found does not automatically make one an expert researcher. Does buying a guitar automatically make someone a skilled musician, even if they’ve never played a note? Does walking out of a sporting goods store with a gun magically make someone an expert marksman even though they’ve never fired a round in their life? Of course not. Yet, people will guide their lives based off of decisions made via faulty “internet research” using extremely flawed or totally non-existent research protocols all the time.

Stay smart. Be safe. Be sure to turn off the most effective and dangerous brainwashing and dumbing-down device ever created called “television” and disconnect from the internet firehose of Bad Information from time to time. Go outside. Read a book. Pray to your Creator for guidance and the revealing of truth rather than depending on anonymous nobodies or gurus of angst, cynicism, hatred and misinformation that crawl around in the online sewers.

Other than that, I have no strong feelings. This is your Truth PSA for the day. I now return you to your regularly scheduled whatever.

Peace Out….

“You don’t know what you don’t know….”

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