Who are you following, and what are your influences?

Who are you following, and what are your influences?

Thought for the day – prompted by the teachings of an amazing pastor I heard recently: I see and hear many Christians quote Rush, Hannity, O’Reilly and their fellow brethren WAY more than they ever quote Jesus. Here’s some truth that may be uncomfortable for some: “conservatism”, “liberalism” and even “libertarianism” aren’t the answer – Jesus is!

Some of us may actually have contact and influence with people in high places – if that’s the case, than by all means do your best to influence those people with the Truth. Notice I said *some* of us. The reality is that the vast majority of us have no such influence or connections. If that’s the case, then why spend even one second worrying about things which you have no control or influence over? Spending your time listening to all of the pundits, no matter which “side” they reside on, will do nothing but cause you to experience anger and fear. This is not by accident – the media channels that pump all of this at you non-stop know that anger, fear and controversy sell, and so they will not stop the assault on your eyes, ears and mind. Please keep in mind that all sides are made up of fallible, sinful humans, and as such *all* talking heads will come up with bad information and sometimes, downright lies. Yes – lies can and do come from all sides. If you want truth in how to handle all things, go to the inerrant words of Jesus – He will never steer you wrong and He definitely doesn’t want you to go through life with a never-ending sense of fear and foreboding either.

Should you pray for our leaders and the direction the country / world is going? Absolutely. And please do vote. Beyond the actual time it takes to do those two things, I would suggest you don’t waste *any* other minute of your time dwelling on such things. I speak from experience – I used to be obsessed with all things political. It got me absolutely nowhere and only served to raise my blood pressure. Over the past year, I’ve made a deliberate effort to wean myself off of all the garbage – and I’m much better off for it. I totally ignored the State of the Union this year, and you know what? I lived! The lies still flew thick and fast from all sides concerned, but I refused to give it any attention. That, my friends, is true Freedom.

Peace Out….

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